About Manoli the Greek Mouse

Manoli Pontikis, a young Greek mouse, lives in a small village with his family.

As the youngest of five, he feels like he does not have a talent like his older siblings.

“What if I don’t find something that sets me apart?

I’ve tried swimming and tumbling; I’m no good at art.”

“Now listen to me,” whispered Mom in his ear,

“You were born to be special, there’s a reason you’re here.”

Join Manoli as he journeys through his village in Greece and searches for what makes him special. A story of self-discovery, Manoli the Greek Mouse illustrates the power of kindness.

Manoli the Greek Mouse is a wonderful children’s picture book. It’s creative, full of charm and really quite beautiful, with a very inspirational and meaningful message. The illustrations are just perfect. Of course, children will love it, but I think it will touch everyone’s heart. The power of kindness in itself is powerful. We all appreciate kindness when it comes our way! I know, I sure do. This book reminds us of that fact.”

George Chakiris, Academy Award Winner